Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rasgulla Recipe

Spongy Rasgulla
India has a huge variety of sweets, with each region  of country has their own recipes and
 tastes in their sweets. Sweets play an vital role in the food of  Bengali and Odia community .
Even at their social events,sweets occupy an essential place. It is a old tradition to distribute
 sweets during festivities. The bakery trade has bloomed because of its convenient partnership
 with communal and theological ceremonies. Competition and growing flavors have helped to 
conceive countless new sweets, and today this industry has flourished within the nation as
 well as all over the globe. Spongy Rasgulla is one of the most famous, outstanding and 
appetizing sweet of India. Mainly this sweet dish come from the region of west bengal but 
popular in all over the country.Here is the Learn Easy Cooking Recipe for making of rasgulla 
in your kitchen.
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  • Main Ingredients of Rasgulla recipe: 

    • 1 liter fresh  milk(for making cheena) 

    • ½ cup of curd (2 tbsp of lemon juice) 

    •  1 liter ice cold water1 ½ or little more cups of sugar

    • 2 ¼ cups of water
    • ¼ tbsp of cardamom powder
    • ½ tbsp of rose water (optional)
    • Few saffron stands (for garnishing purpose)

  • How to make rasgullas: 

  • First step is to prepare cheena:
Boil the whole milk in a open container.
Pour the curd  and mix it well.If you are using lemon juice,dilute 2 tbsp of lemon juic 
with 2 tbsp of water.
Let the milk curdle,turn  off the burner and leave it for 2 or 3 mins. , put some more curd 
in it while the milk is still boiling.
Add chilled water to the curdle milk. Leave it for 3 mins.
Line a bowl shaped sieve with muslin cloth and place it over a large bowl.
Drain the curdle milk.
Wash the cheena (Indian cottage cheese) under running water to eliminate the acidic
 taste.(avoid rinsing if curd is used)
Tie up the muslin cloth and hang it for 45 mins. To drain excess water.
Cheena should not have any whey in it.

  • Second step is Making of Rasgulla balls:
Add sugar and water to a wide pan or pot.
Heat it to a boil.
Mash the Indian cottage cheese completely to make it smooth dough.
Take small portions of dough and and roll it to tiny balls.
Put small content of cardamom powder and lavender water to the sugar syrup.
When sugar syrup started boil, add the balls one after other slowly.
Cover the pan with a lid.
Cook on medium flame for 10 mins.
Gently stir it after every 3 mins. to check even cooking and puffing properly.
They expand double in size and also sink when done.
Allow Rasgulla to rest and cool completely.
Now, Rasgullas are ready to serve and satisfy your craving.


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